STAR backpack (black)
60% $67.20

A fashion backpack made to store lightweight items 

that features a molded version of Koisoda’s logo.

Features of Koibag

-Bold Star molded logo Point

- Clamp-type hook attached to the molded logo that makes it more convenient to open and close the bag.

- Large enough to store an iPad mini.

- Comes with an interior pocket. 

- Side zipper that makes it easy to store and remove items. 

- Silver eyelet finishing on the drawstring.

- The natural cowhide leather on the handles, drawstring, 

  and bottom of the bag makes the bag soft, sturdy, and durable.

Size & Material

27 cm X 29 cm X 11 cm (10.63 in. X 11.42 in. X 4.33 in.)

100% Polyester

100% Natural Cowhide Leather 


* Be careful not to fold or press the bag when storing to ensure it will maintain its shape.

* Avoid washing the bag to ensure it will maintain its shape. Gently wipe any areas that become contaminated.

* Please use a cleaner made specifically for leather when taking care of the leather on the bag.


* Fine scratches and/or small bubbles may occur during the molding process and are not signs of a defective product. 

* Fine wrinkles and/or scratches may appear due to the nature of natural cowhide leather and are not signs of a defective product.  

* The bag may feel a bit stiff or have some wrinkles when first used due to the use of thick polyester used to reinforce the shape of the bag. The fabric will soften over time, and the bag will maintain its beautiful shape.

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